Did You Know – Not Everyone that Confesses is Actually the One Who Committed the Crime?

It’s true. Not everybody who confesses is really the one who committed the crime. It seems like a really simple thing that you have to think about. This is essential stuff that you may already know. But obviously, there’s a reason that I have to talk about this driving under the influence defense, or I wouldn’t even bring it up. There are a lot of issues in the world of the media, and one is how badly we make people look, even those who are confessing to be guilty in order to get a lesser sentence.

A  criminal defense attorney says individuals confess constantly. For various types of reasons not needing to do with whether or not someone is actually guilty. Here are a few of the main reasons that people who were not guilty would confess to guilty anyway.

• It’s an instance of he-said/she-said and nobody will accept what he said and he can’t prove his innocence, so they plead guilty to try and get it done and over with.

probation-officer• It’s simpler to go to prison than manage a troublesome probation officer and an unwavering world that will forever see you as a criminal.

• Our obligatory minimum and maximum sentences are so all over the place that any rational individual, when put under arrest, would try to confess so that they could try to get the minimum sentence.

• They can’t afford to pay bail and have been in prison for the length of time that the plea is for anyway, so they plea and get it over with.

• They’re covering for another person that they want to keep safe – some family members, spouses, and other people will try to do this so that they can take the punishment instead. This is becoming a little less common as technology advances, but it still happens.

So people are basically assuming that it’s the easy way out – when it’s really unfair to them. Why has the legal system gotten this way? What has happened that those who are even accused of criminal charges have to be afraid of losing their livelihood and other things? Why do we focus on incarceration, instead of rehabilitating those who have committed crimes? It’s about the changes in society’s mindset, but it’s also about the confusion that goes around these sorts of charges, and as lawyers, we have to work to help change what is going on in our legal system today.

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