Were The Nude Leaks a Sex Crime?

This is a big question that has been on the minds of a number of people since the whole celebrity nude leak scandal started. There are a lot of issues that come with the whole thing, like internet security and whether or not your pictures in clouds are really safe from being hacked into, but has anyone considered this case to be a sex crime? Is this the next step that needs to be paid attention to? Jennifer Lawrence seems to think so.

A couple of weeks after the leaks happened, Jennifer Lawrence came out and started to talk about how the whole thing made her feel. She felt scared, she felt absolutely violated, and she felt like it could end up hurting her acting career. It hasn’t done the latter as of yet, but let’s take a look at the first two parts. If you look at the way that most sex crime laws are written, they use this sort of language, especially when it comes to using the term “violated.” According to an Aurora Family Lawyer violation is something that only you can judge – even if someone doesn’t touch you, you can feel as if your body or your life has been violated in one way or another, and many times, that’s a sex crime.

Of course, this becomes a lot more complicated when you start going down the rabbit hole. Obviously, it’s not the same category of crime that you see in say, rape, or sexual assault, but it’s more akin to sexual harassment, which is definitely a very severe crime said the. But, because it’s dealing with technology, it’s kind of in a category all by itself, which means that, when it goes to trial, there are going to be a lot of question marks that come up. Will the offenders be considered sexual offenders? What will it say on their records? Will it even come up?

Lawrence brings up an excellent point that hadn’t been brought up yet, and as criminal lawyers, this is important for us to think about as well. Technology has changed the way that a lot of things work, and because of that, our laws are going to have to continue to change. We will have to see how the courts decide to deal with this case so that we can understand how it’s going to affect us in our cases going forward.