Where Do College Campuses Fit in the Criminal Justice System?

You were likely expecting an article on this at some point, I imagine. There has been a lot of controversy out there about college campuses and their role in the criminal justice system, specifically when it comes to crimes of a sexual nature (rape, assault, etc). It’s always been kind of an awkward grey area, and because of that, it’s important for us to take a look at how things are currently and how they may end up proceeding if the laws about these incidents move forward and/or change as they go through the court system.

campus law enforcementIn short, the way it works now, many college campuses take care of their own issues in the criminal realm, especially when it comes to alcohol charges and sex charges. Obviously, local law enforcement can get involved, but many times, that includes campus law enforcement. Often times, a student’s punishment will be dealt with inside the school’s judicial system. Of course, this deals with a lot of problems and it can end up raising a lot of red flags, once again, in the realm of rape and other sexual crimes that are, unfortunately, quite common on and around college campuses.

Of course, this is where lawyers come in. Do these students get what they need to get in order to make sure that they won’t commit such crimes again? Do the victims get the help that they need, or do they just end up feeling a lot of shame about what happened? This is where the questions really start to come up, and why a lot of people have been pushing for the system to change. It’s not exactly fair to the victims if they don’t feel safe talking about their issues or turning people in for them, and they should be the ones who get the most support after one of these incidents.

So what will happen? What roles should college play? With the changes that are being recommended, there is going to be a lot of discussion about how to go forward. Lawyers should also get in on the conversation so that people get a better understanding of what is going on and how they can help to change the system. Lawyers can also provide advice and guidance from our legal point of view, which can end up helping a lot more than we can even imagine.